The Big News

So here's the big news, the elephant in the room, the announcement I've been skirting around for the last few months because I was hoping to write the story of How We Got Here.

But it's become apparent, even to an optimist like me, that I won't have time to pen the saga before the event happens. So I need to stuff the part of myself that likes to do things in order and just tell you:


A few disclaimers:

1. If there was ever a sentence worthy of all caps, it is that one. Because this time, we aren't moving with the asterisk of "this is where we'll live for now." We are moving, Lord-willing, into the home where we will stay and plant our roots and watch our children grow and soak in this glorious life God has given us. (I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts" right now, and this? Is pure eucharisteo.) I have taken to calling this our Forever Home. God only knows the future, but our intention is to stay in our new home as long as He lets us. We have moved 10 times in our 17 years of marriage. We have bought 6 homes and sold 5. (We are planning to rent the townhouse. If you live in the Cities and might be interested, let me know.) We are READY to settle down.

2. The past 12 months, we have seriously considered moving to and settling down in the following locations: Seattle, Colorado Springs, Denver and San Diego. We are not moving to any of those cities.

3. Instead, we are doing something so crazy, we would have slapped you upside the head if you had suggested it to us last year: We are staying in the Twin Cities! Our Forever Home is only 10 minutes north of where we are now, and it is perfect for us. (Or it is now. The former owner is also a builder, and he's been remodeling the house the last few weeks to fix all those little things that you always say, "We'll get to that someday" but you never do.) (Or maybe that's just us.) The funny thing is, we weren't even looking for a house when we stumbled across this home. It is sheer gift.

4. Because I wanted to tell you the grand story of the journey before I announced our destination, I missed countless blogging opportunities. You must be so disappointed not to be able to weigh in on the exact shade of green that would be perfect for Kieran's room, what kind of glass tiles could work for a backsplash behind the cooktop, whether or not a top load high efficiency washing machine is worth the money. (Or maybe not.) Remodeling a house has been nirvana for an HGTV addict like me.

5. My Forever Home? It. Has. A. Pool. I am so excited for summer, I am quivering. (Or maybe it's just shivering. Whatever. Winter isn't bothering me at all this year.)

I will post pictures next week, and at some point, I will (I will, I will, I know I will) write the Final Move saga.

But right now? I need to start packing.

(Optimists never pack until 24 hours before the move. The walls look so sad once you take the pictures down, you know?)


  1. WOW! I can't even imagine the task ahead for you right now. Lots of late nights in the next week! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. How exciting! I love that y'all are getting to settle in. I pray that the remaining process goes as smoothly as possible. I'm a little jealous--we are still a few years away from what we hope will be a final home for us.

  3. Here's how I read this post: 1. GASP!!! 2. Skip to the end. 3. Oh saaaad! 4. "Gary, Kelly's not moving here afterall!" 5. (He asked "Why?") 6. "I don't know because I actually didn't read the whole post."

    So now I'll read the middle section.

    Just giving you a play-by-play of my Love Well experience.

  4. I am so, so happy for you! Right now, the thought of a Forever Home just boggles my mind (what, you mean MOST people don't move every one-two years after getting married?), but I know, just from reading your blog, how much you've longed for one, and I'm SO glad that God has decided now is the time for you.

    I am excited to read the saga, whenever it comes!

  5. Okay, I finally exhaled and read the entire post. :)

    I'm THRILLED for you, friend! What a great feeling to be in your "Forever Home." It sounds just perfect, and I can't wait to see pictures and hear the stories. A POOL?! Sweet! Does it double as an ice rink in the winter? You know what? I have two very good friends in the Twin Cities (you would be the third!) and will visit, so I don't need you to move to stinkin' Colorado anyway. Oh, what? That's right, you have family here to visit.

    Well, happy moving! When we moved, I got such a thrill out of being organized and labeling the boxes and being on the ball. Maybe you're over that thrill after so many moves, but I hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you.


  6. Happy x infinity for you, friend. I long for Forever Home. Forever Home With A Pool would be even better. Congrats!

  7. Oh yes. When blogging with four children is too impossible, just move. That's sooooo much easier.


    I bet you would get a whole lot more use out of a pool if you bought one in a backyard in Texas. Just sayin'.

    Can't wait to see some pictures!

    And when I saw the title in my reader, I actually thought you were surprised to discover that 4 was NOT enough.

  8. 1. : D That's the biggest smile I can type, but I've been grinning from ear-to-ear every time I think about it.

    2. Funny thing: Natalie said to me last Fall that you were moving but would stay in MN. Crazy things kids say...

    3. You will probably be able to blog a lot this summer because I will be there all.the.time. Pool + Lovewell babies? Too good!

    4. Josh heard you have a pool and wants to know if you have extra room so we can move in?

    5. Don't tell Natalie or Connor I referred to them as "babies"...but they always will be to me : )

  9. Yeah for you guys! Very exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures! Let me know if you need some help packing up! I'm good at wraping up the breakables. :)

  10. I'm happy for you!!! Especially about the "forever house". I'm soooooooo ready to be in that place myself.

    CRACKING up at Angie's comments on your post. Next time you're here, Kelly, we absolutely HAVE to get together. And by "we" I mean you, me, and Angie.

    Really am thrilled for you. And I can't be sad you're not moving here because I know you'll come visit!

  11. That's exciting! And yes, I hear you on the packing...
    When we moved just a year ago I had only half packed our apartment on the day all the guys came to help... and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant!
    That was a Loooooong day!

  12. I don't know that I would describe putting off packing as being as optimist. Hmm. Must think about this. The word that sprang to my mind was procrastination.
    I hope you get to stay for a while. I can relate to needing some stability. :) Looking forward to hearing all about how you reached this decision...maybe someday :)

  13. Kelly! That is so exciting! We've been remodeling our new house for about 6 months! Our wood flooring is down and we get carpet next week. I cannot wait to see your pics! Did you take before pictures? I'll have to post some before and after pictures when we move in. I have all the before pictures on my facebook. Don't know if you're on there or not. I'm so happy for you though.

  14. I'm so excited for you! Yes, pictures, please! :)

  15. I just found you through another MN blogger. Fun to be moving to your forever house!

  16. So thrilled for you and your family! I know well that longing for a forever home. And the pool? Even better.

  17. Congratulations on the move! I came across an excerpt from 1000 Gifts on today and I am just as hooked now. I can't wait to get it!

  18. WOWOW! Congratulations! That is so exciting -- can't wait to see pictures and hear all the details!