Mr. Kieran, as he's affectionately known around here, was all out of sorts yesterday.

Judging by his insistent, I'm-starving-to-death cries every 90 minutes, we were in the midst of his first growth spurt. That, naturally, led to a lot of eating. That, naturally, led to a lot of gas bubbles, not-so-affectionately known as the pain of a thousand scorpions in one's tummy.

So he cried. And he fussed. And he jerked up his knees in that pitiful way babies do. And he cried some more. Nothing we could do brought much relief. (Except for more eating. Which kept the vicious cycle going.)

At one point, I got him to sleep by wearing him in the Baby Bjorn. His little arms were tucked inside, next to his face. It looked uncomfortable, frankly, but what do I know about being a baby? He was happy. It worked. The end.

An hour later, when the pain returned and I took him out of his snug cocoon, I noticed dark purple bruises on both his forearms.
Dark purple. About an inch long and half an inch wide. On my baby. My new baby.

I. Was. Horrified.

Had I somehow pinched his precious little skin in a strap? Was the fabric too restricting for a baby his size? Was there a design on my shirt that left a purple tattoo on my baby?

No answers. I just hoped no one would look at my three-week-old too closely, lest they call CPS pronto.

Fast forward to this morning. Natalie walked around with a hungry Kieran while I took a fast shower.

Twenty minutes later, her upper arm was sporting this:

What in the world? Are we ground zero for the plague?!?

"What happened, Natalie?" I gasped.

"Oh," she shrugged, "Kieran was just sucking on my arm."



Our boy is a serious sucker.
(Cue the sympathy for the breastfeeding mom in 3...2...1....)

And if you need further proof that Kieran is a good eater: He weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces when he was born. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces upon discharge from the hospital. He weighed 9 pounds even at his two-week check-up.

Pediatricians are usually happy just to have the newborn back at birth weight at that point. Here at Chez Love Well, we strive to meet and even exceed expectations.


  1. Well if the name Mr. Kieran ever wears out you can call him Dyson.
    You've got all my sympathy.

  2. Oh my word! That IS crazy. And that comment above about Dyson cracked me up.

  3. DUDE!! Here's hoping you can uncurl your toes soon! Glad he's so healthy. :o)

  4. LOL. You'll be back to your prepregnancy weight in NO TIME, girl! :) Seriously 9 lbs. already??? Zoiks! And yay for Natalie subbin' in so you could get clean. She gets a gold Big Sister star.

  5. Holy cow! Amy Beth's comment cracked me up.

  6. HOLY COW!! I have to say, that I was truely getting a little concerned..about half-way through this story! "HOLY COW"!!!! all I can poor girl! And "Dyson"...baaaahaaaa!! That's hilarious! And "uncurling your toes..."..hilarious! And to the "Single Girl" love those babies so much, that it really doesn't hurt....baaaaahaaaaa! ;-) But it IS worth it, isn't it Kel?

  7. I love Natalie's face. Good thing she's not older...people would be wondering what she had been up to ;).

    And you poor girl.That's why we went to the bottle. Ha ha!

  8. So funny... I think it was Jackson that I was holding once when he was a baby and he latched onto my chin and started sucking. It left a mark too... but it was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.

  9. High fives for Kieran! High fives for you!

    If that's what he does to his big sister's arm, I can't imagine....eek! My toes are curled just thinking about it.

  10. If he has frothy green poops, the crying might be caused by a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. The solution is to keep him on the same breast for 3 hours, then switch.

  11. You have my sympathy. My sincere condolences. Jordan used to put little "Sucka" marks on the back of his hands. Good job nursing! 9 pounds at two weeks! Maybe he will overtake Jordan's records. Mr. Kieran might be in 6 month size before you know it.

  12. Ouch.

    And don't let him date until he's over that tendency!

  13. I am so incredibly impressed. I think we should start taking bets on when he'll pass up my itty bitty still in 3-6 month pants baby.

    At this rate: June 29th.

  14. DUDE! You are going to have a monster baby in no time!

    I am totally NOT looking forward to that toe-curling pain. Last time it lasted a month... Maybe it would be better for our little guy to stay inside a while longer...

    And I definitely think Dyson is a great nickname. Hilarious!

  15. My husband's childhood nickname was Hoover, but that was because he'd vacuum up leftovers from everybody else's plates! ;)
    And I LOVE that pic of Natalie! Her expression cracks me up.

  16. what a gainer! how lovely that the big sis didn't mind satisfying her lil bro's needs of sucking. oh the sacrifices they make... hehehe