Partly Fun with Scattered Cranky

Yesterday was a long day. Not a bad day. In fact, it went as smoothly as a rainy summer day with four kids can go. But still. Long.


The coach didn't show up for our first day of t-ball -- but a wonderful dad stepped in and hit balls to the kids instead.

We managed to sign up for our local YMCA -- which opens a new, huge, gorgeous pool this weekend -- without a single child freaking out and throwing a fit. ("Your children are so well behaved," cooed the staff. Yes, they are. At the moment.)

Because I stashed a DVD in the car, the kids were content to sit and cheer on "Diego" while I nursed Kieran in the front seat -- and tried to avoid the curious looks of all the construction types scurrying around us.

Since yesterday was our 14th day of rain since June began (note: yesterday was June 15; do the math), I quelled my nausea and took the kids to McDonald's playland for lunch. We survived. And we managed to hit up our neighborhood library for a fresh stack of books before Kieran woke up again. We even dodged a momentary but torrential downpour while we were looking at books inside.

Of course, Teyla didn't nap. At all. And Kieran was cranky, which led to a 100% babywearing day. I had to turn the AC on, even though it was only 70 degrees, because the humidity made babywearing miserable. Corey called at 6:00 and asked if it would be all right if he kept working for another 30 minutes. Kieran was crying at that moment, Teyla was throwing a fit in the other room and the other two kids were cranky with hunger. But I took a deep breath and said, "Sure." He didn't get home until 7:15. We ate dinner at 8:00.

So. The day was long. Partly fun with scattered cranky.

But I felt profoundly grateful last night. Which is how I was able to bang out this little essay for 5 Minutes for Parenting. It's about the gift of the quiet at the end of a long day.

Now, if I could just get the gift of a masseuse. Because sometimes, a long day plus a full heart equals a sore back.


  1. Oh, if we could always see the silver lining! It's something that I constantly need reminding of! Thank you!

  2. If you figure out how to get the massage, let us know!

  3. This was some really good humor... The title describes my day today perfectly.

  4. I love that title of this post. And also? I don't know how you do it. For reals. You are a superhero in my book. A funny one, which is perfection :)