When Clean Gets Messy

Yesterday morning, I woke up 15 minutes earlier than normal. I saw this as a good sign, seeing as the morning school routine can go from smooth to crazy in a matter of nanoseconds.

I showered, got dressed, made the beds. The kids woke up in high spirits and got themselves ready in record time. I was feeling good.

"This is going so great," I thought to myself. "I should even have a few extra minutes to pick up the remaining toys for the cleaners coming today."

(Famous last words, no?)

I rounded the corner to the kids' bathroom -- and I saw Teyla squatting next to a vast puddle of slime on the carpet. Six bottles of kids' shampoo and body wash were next to her, in various states of dismemberment. Two were empty.

Upside? Everything smelled like coconut.

"Oh. Teyla. No." I moaned.

I gathered up the empty bottles and threw them in the trash. I gathered up the remorseful toddler (who had a stinky diaper, to add insult to injury) and deposited her firmly in the bathtub. I gathered up the half-full bottles, coated with strawberry and banana and coconut ooze, and tossed them under running water in the sink, where bubbles immediately began to foam into a miniature volcano of suds. I gathered what was left of my sanity and decided it was highly over-rated anyway.

I managed to scrape the top layer of goop off the carpet and then, at a total loss, I threw an extra beach towel over the crime scene and left (now a few minutes late) for school and MOPS.

This morning, a sweet young man from the carpet cleaners came and wiped Teyla's sins away. And lo, the carpet is clean and the pink stains are gone and the aroma of coconut still lingers in the air.

I wish all my mistakes smelled like sunscreen.


  1. LOL. And you lived to blog about it. I'm afraid my similar wounds are still too fresh to find Peabody's shenanigans with the baby body wash funny. But I'm laughing along with YOU. Glad it's all fixed up and you've got it in perspective. Have a loverly coconut-scented weekend, my friend!

  2. Oh heavens.
    My recommendation, hide the Vaseline.
    Trust me.

  3. Oh wow. I would probably not have been as calm and cool as you were.

    I love what happygeek said about hiding the vaseline!!!

  4. Wow, just what you need at 35 weeks prego!! I'm glad it got cleaned up, and how nice to have the delighful scent of coconut in your hallway.

  5. WOW! You are so patient! I would freak if Silas did that. :) Oh well- I read things like this and realize I need to realize he is a 3 and things will happen. :) Glad to hear that things are all better!

  6. Oh, Teyla. She's a busy girl. Toddlers must constantly scan their surroundings for things to destroy, empty, and maybe eat. Sometimes, all of the above.

    That extra 15 minutes did pay off, no?

  7. Sigh... that is all you can do and breathe LOL I know sometimes its easier said than done!