Spring is the strongest season, for it must break the stranglehold of winter.

How do you defeat death?

With new life.

Promises kept safe through the bitterness unfurl a banner.
Tender green shoots reclaim the earth.

Delicate buds extend the sun's reach.

Even tree bark shines a reflection of hope.

And so, He makes all things new.


What is that?

I forget.

Written as a tribute to the breath-taking spring of 2010, which arrived gloriously early and is treating us to a unexpected helping of grace. Our last measurable snowfall was February 23 this year, the earliest end to the snowfall season ever recorded. We've been reveling in sunshine and temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal. The ice is out on all the lake, two to three weeks ahead of schedule. And last weekend, I put away the snow gear. The world around me is a picture of the truth that the hopelessness I felt yesterday is not the end. In God's reality, spring always wins.


  1. Oh, beautiful.
    We had another snowstorm last week and it covered up all of the tender young shoots - but they went ahead and kept growing, shoving their yellow and purple heads above the snow. JOY.

  2. WOW! Beautiful and amazing!!

    Here in CO spring is about 1-2 months late. Let me say that again: 2 MONTHS LATE. while in some regards it drives me crazy, I have to admit to feeling a little grateful that the winter stuck around long enough that I haven't felt frantic about my baby coming.

    Enjoy your spring!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I think we missed spring. It was 85 today. And the pollen, oh the pollen! I think we've been in the high pollen count every day for the past 10 days. Yes, I am counting. Wait, sorry, I shouldn't complain! :)

  4. See! He didn't make you WAIT on spring this year! :)

  5. Spring has become my favorite time of year. New life, beginnings and color are so wonderful to take part in each year!

    Yeah spring :)

  6. We've had a similar "early" spring experience here too. Lowest snowfall on record for YEARS. I've forgotten about winter too. It's all about summer now! (In fact, Dani and I just went today on an LL Bean excursion where she tried on sandals & we picked up swims shorts for big brother!)

  7. Those pictures are SO purty.
    Spring is COMING!!!!!!

  8. Love the poem and the beautiful pictures!