Pregnancy Journal: Boxes of Memories

Teyla and I are both sick with colds. I'm not sure who is more pitiful: the toddler, with errant strands of hair stuck to her nose and ooze coming from every facial orifice, or me, with my constant explosive sneezes and poor pregnancy bladder control.

(To my male readers: TMI, I know. I'm so very sorry.)

Anyway. That' s my excuse for not telling you earlier about my post at 5 Minutes for Parenting today, which is almost as pitiful as a sneezing-pregnant-woman: It's about a mom, expecting her last baby, trying to sort through and give away her tubs and tubs of baby girl clothes, since they are no longer needed. *Sob*


  1. Ok Ok, I can't take it when you cry like that. We can have more children. I agree to the four more kids you so badly want.

  2. 1 - Love the header.

    2 - I would tell you to jump Mr.'s bone while the iron is hot, but, it wouldn't work. Your moment of opportunity will come again. Just look at Ike :)

    3 - I currently have 2 bags of baby girl clothes in my trunk. My baby girl is 4.

  3. lol wr love well be careful what you promise :) ahh colds always puts us down so dont sort anything before you are better...that way you dont feel too bad :)

  4. sad! I bought baby girl clothes before I knew my son was NOT a girl. I still try to buy them for But my husband puts a stop to that pretty quickly.

  5. I think it's great that you have neices to share the sweet baby girl clothes with! Oh baby girl clothes... they are so precious. I am envious especially during the summer months when I stroll past the adorable sun dresses with flowers and cherries only to find another shirt with a dump truck on it for my boys. Wish you were closer, I have bins and bins of baby boy summer clothes! I have June and August boys!

    Hope you feel better soon!