Lately, I am fried.
I am fried crispy, as one of my dear friends says.

I am a husk, brittle and arid.
I end each day empty of eye and hollow of heart.

It could be that my husband is traveling.
It could be that my body groans with child.
It could be that the teeth of vampire winter have sucked the passion out of my soul.

Or it could be that I’m so busy surviving, I’m not living.

I am parched.

Lord, give me Your water.
Replenish me.


  1. Oh Kelly. I just want to hug you and un-crispify you! I am going to get ready for bed right now (8:55), and when I'm done and tucked in, I'm going to say a nice long prayer for your tomorrow. He will hear us. He always does and He always will. Love you!

  2. Aw Kelly...that stinks!
    I am so sorry you are feeling down.
    Tonight after you get the munchkins into bed, take a few minutes and do something for you, a quick bubble bath with your favorite suds, grab a magazine at the grocery store and just sit in the quiet and flip thru it.

    Or my personal thru Sonics and get the Green Apple Slush...its the next best thing to an apple martini :) (since we cant have those right now)

    I'm going to lift you up in prayer, its just the winter blah's, so this will pass.

  3. I read this, and started singing (to myself--after all, I'm in a public place now, and I'm not THAT weird) Keith Green's "my eyes are dry"...
    I'm feeling a bit of the same, friend.

  4. Kelly, that husband traveling while you're pregnant AND it's winter thing will do this. I'm sorry. I wish you had a team of helpers. You know, like cooks and cleaners and Lego builders. Maybe you do? Am I dreaming? I miss our old home a lot, and now I'm also wishing I was there so I could bring you a meal or mop your floor or something. I would love it.

    Peace to you,

  5. May the weekend bring refreshing.
    Or at least something sweet from trader joes.

  6. I know how you feel - almost. I only have two kids and I'm not currently pregnant. Having to do that all by yourself must be backbreaking, literally. My back is actually hurting thinking about it. Maybe some music in your ears with an Ipod for a few songs with your eyes closed, and laying comfortably on your side ?

  7. Poor mama. May this weekend absolutely ooze with rest and refreshment.

  8. Poor sweet girl. I know that feeling so well.

    Literally when ike's head popped out of my body - not even his body, just his head - I thought , hallelujah I'm not pregnant anymore!! The relief was that instantaneous.

    Soon, honey, soon.

    Next time you can have someone else do the hard work, like I am!!

  9. I hope and pray the weekend is refreshing for you....and you can un-crispify yourself! Lol!
    hope you have a great, relaxing, restful weekend!

  10. Kel, as is my usual style, I'm desperately behind commenting on blogs. I'm nearly caught up, but I always save my favorites for last. I just want you to know that I read this when you wrote it and BOY did it resonate with me! I prayed for you right then and there. I'm thankful that you could say in so few words what so many of us feel.

    Spring is coming, the baby is coming... but Hope is here NOW! Gotta be thankful for that, amen?