up north

waves rise and fall
spill on the shore
where a cascade of stones
polished and honed

sharp edges soften
rocks become velvet

each one shines
yet together
they whisper holiness

God made me
and He sees

shades of blue and green calm the mind
the horizon beckons

the fog hovers over the water
it hugs the coast
then pulls back like a curtain
to reveal what’s real

hidden before
now exposed
the eye see pine and rock and those
flowers that hide in clefts of stone
gentle beauty in stillness grows

my soul exhales, expands
and then
finds right perspective in the end


  1. Beautiful photos and poem, Kelly! I've been waiting for north shore stuff...

  2. Love these photos, Kel. Wish we could've had our Schoeb-Brown reunion there in Grand Marais. That would've turned our already glorious weekend into perfect. :)

  3. Beautiful, friend. It feels like you wrote peace down so we could all remember it.

  4. I so wish we could have been there... Seeing your beautiful pictures made me homesick... made me wonder why Luke won't consider moving to MN... made me miss your family... made me want to have the Worlds Best Donuts, Betty's Pies, and so much more... (I told dad today that sometimes I feel like I am destined to be an obese person!)... anyways, the list could go on. I wish we were there.... this post made me happy for you but also made me throw a pity party for myself. :)

  5. Kelly, that was just perfect. You have such a gift.

  6. *sigh*


    just like the darlin' girl who wrote it..:)