On the way home from an impromptu play date yesterday afternoon, I was feeling particularly grateful. Grateful for the sun that was finally breaking through the stronghold of clouds. Grateful for the grass that was shining so vibrantly after two days of constant rain. Grateful for the three little people and the one big man who share everyday life with me. Grateful for a God who richly supplies grace and makes life an adventure.

To celebrate the mood, I decided to key up a few songs on my Blackberry. We needed some fun music, some music that did justice to the attitude swelling in my heart.

I first entertained the kids with U2’s “Get On Your Boots” (which is one of my favorite songs right now, just because of how it sounds). Then the shuffle feature took over and pulled up “Everything” by Michael Buble, one of my favorite Buble songs, which is saying something.

We moved on to “See the Glory” by SCC (awesome), then hit a major snag when a lullaby by Go Fish came on. (“Mom, this music makes me go to sleep! Do something!” Natalie pleaded.) I hit fast-forward. A jazzy little bossa nova popped up. I hit fast forward again. Another lullaby.

Clearly, this required manual control.

I surfed for a few seconds then hit upon perfection. The Bangles. “Walk like an Egyptian.”

I pulled into the gas station just as the tambourines started. By the time we got to the chorus, I was belting out the lyrics. (Which isn’t to imply I wasn’t singing before, because if you know me, you know I was singing out loud and with gusto to each of the previous ditties.) I turned to the kids and said, “Do you know how to walk like an Egyptian? Like this.” And I did the hand movements as I sang, “Walk like an Egyptian ... Walk like an Egyp-tian.”

The kids stared back at me, equal parts amused and skeptical.

“How come I don’t see anyone walking like an Egyptian?” I hollered back at the silent crowd.

“Well, you are Mom,” Natalie said with raised eyebrows.

I think the tween years have begun.


  1. So... do you think they'd do the moonwalk with you?

  2. Just know that had I been there, I would have totally joined you in walking like an Egyptian. We could have thoroughly embarrassed our children!

  3. Fun post - the other day I was talking to my kids about the Bangles and how the 80's were the best music... My 13 year old rolled her eyes at me...


  4. Walker taught this to the kids awhile back :)

    And, um, don't be hatin, but we have U2 tix :-)

  5. All the school kids so sick of books
    They like the punk in the metal band

    When the buzzer rings (oh AY oh)
    They're walkin like an Eygtian

    Oh, mama. You KNOW I would have been singing and just going full-on BANGLES with you, sister. Fun.

    Put it on the playlist for the blogger retreat. ;)

  6. I love it! I have actually shown Miles how to walk like an Egyptian. It was some time ago, so he took me very seriously and copied. I'm sure those days are numbered. He already gives me a blank stare over many things these days. I used to be so cool... :)

  7. Love it. And LOVE "Everything." And I can totally picture you jamming in your own little world with your kids' blank stares from the backseat.

    Gary and I received similar reactions from our girls the other day as we belted "Don't Worry, Be Happy" the other day, complete with backup and whistling. They were not impressed. I think that was the moment we realized we are not going to be "cool" parents in the future...

  8. Must. Milk. My Current. Coolness...