This Post Brought to You by Mr. Sandman

Pssst. You. Over there at the computer.

I have a post up at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. It's about a certain baby in my house who won't let Mama (that's me) out of her sight lately. I believe the experts call this "separation anxiety." I call it cute but exhausting. I mean, it's nice to be needed, nay, WANTED. But when it crosses the line into demanding my presence every second of the day, I wear out quickly.

In fact, the only reason I'm able to write this without her simultaneously trying to climb onto my head is that she's napping. (Cue the angels.) And since I'm guessing I only have about 30 minutes of free time left, I better get to the laundry before I'm baby-wearing-without-a-sling again.

Thanks for whispering while you're here. And have a great day. May yours be filled with naps that are long and restorative.


  1. You should record one of these moments to play back when she's a teenager and doesn't want you anywhere on the planet.

  2. Bless your heart. If I lived closer, I would either do some holding for you OR do the laundry, whichever was most needed. And one of these days...she won't need you at all. (Or so she'll think!)

  3. Long and restorative naps ... sounds beautiful. Although I can handle the constant clinginess far better than the constant screaming/disobedience. O molars, when will you finish torturing us all? In either case, clinging or screaming, naps certainly are a blessing! I hope there are many more in your future.

  4. Bean was like that for such a long time! From practically birth until she was two-ish, or beyond. Mafew? He no care. Mama, Daddy, pretty neighbor lady? All fine, unless he's feeling hungry.

    One day when she's three or four, you'll go try to pick Teyla up after a play date at her friend's house and she'll hide under the foos-ball table so you can't find her and make her come home with you.

    And you'll try to laugh it off but inside you'll wonder what you did to make her not love or need you so much anymore.

    Silly girls!