Dispatch from Family Camp

I wrote this Tuesday morning, but as you might imagine, Internet access is spotty and slow here in the North Woods. I’m hoping it posts tonight -- if I can stay awake that long -- and then I’m going to reserve the rest of my stories for when we get back home. Sharing a few stories will be a good distraction from the piles of laundry.


Family camp with a baby is an entirely different beast than family camp with a toddler.

I am so tired today, y’all, I can barely motivate myself to life my coffee cup to my lips. (And we’re only 1.5 days into the week!)

I spent the better part of the day yesterday following Teyla around camp, steering her away from the dock’s edge and toward the playground, accompanying her through game after game of “let’s climb the stairs and now climb back down” and in general, being on guard. And guard duty is exhausting.

But it’s good. It’s still really good. The weather is cool – low 70s -- which is a bit of a shock after last week’s heat index warnings. But it makes it pleasant to sit on a porch and listen to the birds.

(For all of five seconds before – oops! – your toddler is already headed toward the dock again.)

Connor and Natalie are having “the funnest fun” reuniting with friends. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen Natalie at all today. She’s raced from breakfast to the playground to kids camp to the craft shack and now to the beach without even stopping to catch her breath. Connor is keeping Corey company; I left them warring it out at the carpet-ball table. (Our family was runner-up in the camp carpet-ball tournament last year. Corey is itching for a rematch.)

And I’m stealing this small break while Teyla is napping to do some … well, some sitting. I’m also breathing. And I’m allowing my mind to drift at will. It’s really, really nice to have a break from High Alert Level Red.

And that’s what vacation is all about, right?


  1. Oh, the fun of a toddler. When Mom doesn't get a break.

    Surely that sweet husband of yours will swap at one point? Or will Teyla go ballistic even with Daddy?

  2. you're making me dread the walking days. i forgot about guard duty.

  3. I miss the sweet grins of a toddler. I do not miss the sweet grins of a toddler as they climb something dangerous for the 754 time in a row.
    Happy camp!

  4. Here's hoping for a week of Very Long Naptimes. :D

  5. Oh boy. I hope your break was long and...well, long.

    You pretty much end up doing the same thing wherever you are when you have a toddler huh?

    I hope you get SOME rest! :)

  6. Thanks for the update. From the comments it sounds like guard duty stops at some point. I'll be looking forward to that. Jordan cut his lip yesterday right in front of me in the tub and he fell off the dining room chairs twice today. Luckily he's been more careful when he's on top the table .... so far.

  7. I get sweaty just thinking about campy with my kids!

  8. Thanks for the update. I always ennjoy your blog. Happy 4th....