Hey Buddy. Can You Spare Me Twenty Minutes?

All day long, I write in my head. I think of funny lines that belong in a post. (And sometimes, I laugh out loud. At myself. How pathetic is that?) I compose lead paragraphs that are compelling portraits of the deep thoughts currently occupying my mind. (And that could be anything from how much protein is in a hard-boiled egg -- 7 grams -- compared to my bowl of Kashi -- 13 grams -- to how the civil war is going in Gaza.) (I also can't stop thinking about how I would refute the logic of buying a camel instead of a car if I lived in Africa.) And that doesn't even touch on the memes I've been meaning to get to. (I'm working on it, Lisa!) On a typical day, I usually have anywhere from three to 13 posts circling around in my gray matter.

The key would be -- I need the time to actually get the witty repartee from up here to out there! How do I do that as a mom of two children who's looking for a place to move her brood come August and trying to keep my house spotless at the same time as it's on the market?!? Thoughts? Suggestions? Medications?

Complicating matters, I got a new cell phone last night. (It's right up there with Gaza, I tell you.) This is both a blessing -- because my old phone was treating my calls like a airline baggage handler treats luggage -- and a curse -- because now I have to learn how to operate a new phone.

For example, my phone rang for the first time while I was in the hotel shower this morning -- a horrible, jangling, musical thing. To say my children freaked out would be an understatement. ("Don't hit it, guys! It's Mommy's new phone!") So now I know I need to figure out how to change my ring tone.

I also hate the look of the blood red "I may be a vampire" wallpaper currently inside. And none of my speed dials were transferred over (although my contacts list was -- for a $10 fee -- and for that, I was grateful). So today, on top of everything else, I have to read a manual and figure out what the calendar button is for on my phone and what will happen if I try to access the Internet on my phone, even though I'm not paying for wireless access. ARGH!

Suddenly, I long for simpler times. Like when AOL was the only e-mail option ("You've got mail!"), and I had time to compose an original thought that didn't contain parentheses in every paragraph.

But hey. My new phone has a camera. Just imagine what you'll be subjected to soon!


  1. I am the last holdout in my family with no camera phone. I'm sure I'll get one next time I have to upgrade. And, like you, I'll have to (darn it) take the time to learn the new technology. Ah, well, can't live with it, can't live without it.

  2. It's a whole new world!

    Hey, I write in my head all day too--should I be worried? :-)

    No pressure on the meme--it's supposed to be FUN!

    Blessings to you! Lisa