About As Much As I Enjoy Tax Day

Sara from Miller Moments and I have had an interesting and fun e-mail exchange the last few days that got me thinking.

I do not enjoy being pregnant. I love the end result, I love being part of a miracle, I love epidurals. But the gestation part? Not so much. I dislike the fact that I'm usually sick and tired for the better part of two months. (TWO MONTHS! That's like having the flu for 60 days in a row.) I hate the fact that I can't be a good mom to my kids during this time because I have no energy or creativity. (And since my husband currently works 100+ miles away from our on-the-market home, I'm doing this alone most nights. Which means they have little sparkle in their day other than copious hours of Noggin and occasional outings to McDonald's for a McChicken to make mom feel better.) I don't like feeling like a physical slug, but since I barely have the energy to take a shower most days, I know better than to attempt something resembling fitness. I don't like the fact that my clothes don't fit already, and I worry that I won't be able to get back into them after this baby arrives since I'll be 36 at that point and who knows what will have happened to my metabolism by then?

But most of all, I hate the fact that I'm usually on a negative tear for the first half (or so) of my pregnancies. Usually, I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl. And if the glass is half full with water, why not add a teabag, some Splenda and a lemon wedge for good measure?

But now? As you might be able to tell from reading this completely uplifting post, I'm not so into seeing the positives of life.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was teaching at a Christian high school. A fellow teacher (and a young man, barely 21) shared an office with me, and after weeks of me complaining and sighing and laying my head on my desk for 20 minutes at a time in the middle of the day, he got up the nerve to ask me what was wrong.

I got up, marched to our office door, slammed it shut, wheeled around and practically snarled at him, "I'm pregnant!"

You can imagine his reaction. Poor lad, I wonder to this day if he'll ever permit his wife to carry a child.

But. But. I have friends -- many friends, many good friends -- who treasure every moment of pregnancy no matter how they feel. My friend Lisa actually said she would rejoice every time she threw up during her pregnancies because it was somehow an omen that things were progressing well. And my friend Sonjia, who recently gave birth to little Ahnnalie and who gets horrible, painful varicose veins with each pregnancy, actually spent the first few weeks after Ahnnalie's birth weeping over the fact that she'll never be pregnant again. (At least, that's the plan right now.) She was nearly despondent because she simply loves being pregnant that much.

So I'm curious. Where do you fall? Am I alone here in my (half-joking) wish that babies could be extricated from the womb at 2 weeks past ovulation to grow in a tube in a hospital where we could visit them and watch their progress? Or do you, like my friends, wish you could be pregnant forever?


  1. I guess I would have to say that I liked being pregnant. The first weeks were sorta rough - I remember feeling queasy and very tired, but never threw up. I guess I was lucky. When I was big enough to start wearing maternity clothes, I was in heaven. I loved that part of it!

    But I have a friend who woke up vomiting and went to bed vomiting every single day of her pregnancies. Yuck! She took B6 and Unisom each day, and still experienced awful pregnancies. But her kids are beautiful and healthy and she would do it a 4th time if she could.

    Pregnancies vary so much! And they seem harder when you have little ones to care for, too, and can't just stop, drop and nap. I will continue to pray for you ~ that your sickness will ease up and be over with soon, and that the rest of it will be smooth sailing! Gotta love the big reward at the end! =)

  2. My poor friend. Do you really (really!?) want to hear from women who love every minute of the vomiting, exhausting, painful, wonderful, miraculous experience of creating human life?
    I guess every great masterpiece takes a bit of pain and sacrifice. I liked being pregnant. Not the symptoms of pregnancy, so much. But the knowing I knew a little person no one else on the planet had any idea about. I was cooperating with God in creation. (I mean, come on, that is pretty amazing, right?)It was like having a huge, amazing, wonderful secret.

    That said, though, you know I practically had a nervous breakdown and pretty much refused to leave my Doctor's office until she agreed to induce me because Henry was NEVER GOING TO COME OUT!!!!
    I think it's ok to love it and hate it both. Can I choose that option?
    hang in there. I'm praying for you!