I'm Going to Texas, Y'All

I'm getting so excited I can hardly stand it. So may I share with you?

We're going to Dallas this weekend, and we're going to see our good friends David and Tammy. Yee-haw! Dave and Tammy were some of our closest friends back in San Diego. God saw fit to move us all away from Paradise a few years back, and while our physical roads parted, our friendship remains strong. (That's one of the cool things about moving: Friends. All over the country.)

I haven't been to Texas since 1980, when Dallas was synonymous with J.R. and shiny glass buildings. Thanks to Tammy -- who is a native Texan -- and her gentle twang, I can say "y'all" and even "all y'all" without embarrassing myself. But what else do I need to know to enjoy my four days in the Lone Star State? Are there local customs I should know about -- or avoid? What is the appropriate attire for March in Texas (besides maroon)? Will I be allowed through security if I don't carry a gun?

And most importantly -- where should I eat?!?


  1. How fun, Kel! And may I suggest--for your next trip to the South, that is--a weekend getaway at one of the prettiest places on the planet. (That would be Western North Carolina, of course.) :) We can even make a trip to the town that inspired "Mitford." Have I lured you in yet?

  2. Oh, I'm so sad I'm just now seeing this! I hope you had a great weekend in the Big D.