A Few of my Favorite Things

Welcome to my little corner of the Ultimate Blog Party. Seeing as I'm guest #669, I'm not sure how many people will make it here. I mean, I'm waayyyy down the receiving line - past the mother of the bride, past the bridesmaids, past the grandparents, past the second cousin-in-laws. But if you happen to stop by via the party, I'm happy to have you.

Many of the blogs I've read this fine Monday morning have the theme of spring. "Spring is just around the corner," they say. "I had to run the AC this weekend for the first time."

Oh. Really?

It's made me more than a tad jealous, seeing as spring is most definitely NOT around the corner for me. (See post below for proof.) Our high today is 20. I doubt we'll see the ground again -- much less something green resembling fresh grass -- until the beginning of April.

I am so. over. winter. But for now, I have to deal with reality. And one of my favorite coping methods is to think of a few of my favorite things. (You know. Like raindrops on noses and whiskers on kittens. Or something like that.)

So here are a few of my favorite things:
1. A bowl of Cracklin' Oat Bran topped with ice cold milk and perfectly ripe red strawberries.
2. The sound of birds singing in the trees outside my window.
3. My kids playing and laughing together.
4. Chicken Salsa Chili with all the toppings.
5. An uninterrupted time of Bible study and prayer.
6. Canoeing in The Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
7. Going out for coffee with my husband.
8. Stephen Curtis Chapman on the radio.
9. Being tan. (I know, I know. But I'm going for authentic here, and well, that's the truth.)
10. People who make me laugh and people who laugh with me.
11. "The Chronicles of Narnia."
12. A long, hot shower. Uninterrupted.
13. The sounds and smells of Del Mar Beach.
14. Any breakfast at Hash House A Go-Go, but preferably the mango-coconut flapjacks.
15. The expectation of God's promises. (My favorite lately -- Psalm 145:13-19.)
16. When my husband brings me flowers.
17. A fresh tomato out of my garden.
18. Lilacs.
19. Sun sparkles on water.
20. Daily Believing God.

Ahhhh. I feel better already. So how about you? What are a few of your favorite things?


  1. Hi! Welcome to the party! I was so sorry to read about your miscarriage; I had one myself between kids 2 and 3 (I now have 5), and it was a real test of faith for me. Your blog is very inspiring. Stop by mine when you get a moment! Hugs from the slightly less frozen East Coast--

  2. Welcome to the party!!

    ~I love being tan also!~ Can't wait for the summer heat!!


  3. I am so.over.winter too! Alas, Minnesota has just begun it's winter! I've posted pictures of our most recent (and unwelcome) blizzard. It's been a mild winter so far....but man--when it comes....it really comes!

    So nice to "meet" you...welcome to the party.


  4. Kelly I just love your site, I will be back. I am so sorry about your miscarriage, I have walked in those shoes and they are heavy, but they are a broken place that will help you minister to someone else down the line who will have the same pain. I will be praying for you.

    I loved your snow pictures. I used to live in upstate NY where I remember a picnic table absolutely buried in snow. I too am thinking Spring...

    You are a blessing, keep up the amazing work here.


  5. Welcome to the party! Great list! Can't wait to read more.

  6. I am just stopped by during the party! Hope you have a good time.

  7. Welcome to blog-land! I am a new blogger, too, and found you through 5minutesformom's blog party.
    I'm enjoying some 60 degree weather in Kansas at the moment. :)

  8. What a sweet post! And don't worry, there are probably lots of gals like me who started at the bottom of the party list and are working their way up. =)

  9. Hopped over from the party. I would send some of our Spring your way if I could; it is in the 60s here today. Fresh tomatoes are one of my favorite things, too, especially with fresh corn!

    Enjoy the party!

  10. Hi Kelly, it's nice to meet you! :)

  11. Thanks for hosting the party - going out for coffee with my partner is one of my favourite things to do as is the long hot shower. We don't have too many of those in China.

  12. Hello there Kelly! I simply had to visit since we both have the same scrumptious first name!! And I am on the bottom of the party list also.....sigh! Oh well!! Your site is great, keep up the good work!!

  13. Well, I found you through the party!

    I so can't wait for summer! I feel your pain!

    I'm partying too!

  14. Hi Kelly, welcome to the party! Nice to meet you. :)

  15. Swinging in for the party. Nice to meet ya.

    YAAA the tomato's yes this monkey likes that too.

    My 3rd party favor give away has begun. If ya get a chance come on over.

    PARTY ON!!!!

  16. Stopping by from the blog party to say hi! It's quite cool here today too, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. There is hope!

  17. Just visiting your blog via the Ultimate Blog Party. I love the pictures of your backyard in both summer and winter. For a while our weather was a long, drawn out, dreary, drippy November and then finally we got cold temps and some snow. While I am not a winter person I do enjoy a "real" winter with some snow and not a fallish or springish winter. Now I am really ready for spring. I hope you're enjoying the party as much as I am. Blessings.

  18. OK...#4: YUM!
    and #12: Is there actually such a thing as an uninturrupted shower with preschoolers in the home??

  19. Just another Kelly stopping by for the party! I love your blog. I'll have to stop by for another look around afterwards. In His Grace,

  20. Hello ... so nice to stop by.
    We were stuck in winter then wham. Spring popped in by Chicago. Of course, Friday we will back in the 20's/30's but we've been in the 50's for 2 days now and LOVING it. I hope spring makes an appearance there soon as well!