A crabapple tree filled with ready-to-burst buds.

The final two weeks of school before summer vacation.

The click-click-whoosh of the gas burner firing at dinner time.

The sizzle of turkey burgers on the grill.

The pop of a cork.

Thursday nights.

Dark clouds on the horizon.

The forecast for a sunny weekend.

Reading to my kids at bedtime.

Loading the car for a trip to the lake.

The smell of chocolate cake baking.

Anticipation is one of my favorite emotions.


  1. so is mine :) i am sizzling till my little one finishes school to spend some much deserved time with him...although that might last just till the first grievance lol

  2. Yes!
    And a brand-new book sitting by my chair. Sometimes I wait a day or two just to enjoy the anticipation before I read it!

  3. Ooooh, this makes me happy :). Good stuff in the dynamite/small pack variety :).