I can't find my balance this morning.

It's partly because yesterday, I was here.

And today, I'm here.

My soul hasn't quite caught up to my body.

But apparently, neither has my brain. Because for the life of me, I still feel like I'm on the cruise we just disembarked. Everything is pitching and swaying, and I can't walk without steadying myself on the wall. My feet don't work, and my head is spinning and if I sit still in the silent storm for too long, my insides start to churn.

It is the oddest and most uncomfortable sensation, especially since I never felt sick on the boat.

Google tells me "land sickness" is a fairly common malady for people who just got off a cruise, which is mildly comforting. I'm not crazy; it's just my inner ear.

But it doesn't help me tackle the piles of laundry or chase Kieran or get back to everyday life which came whirring at me full force last night.

Anyone have tips on how to make the spinning stop? No mom has time for vertigo.


  1. My weekend was the exact opposite of yours!!! ; )

  2. Oh Kelly. I feel for you. Several years ago while in San Diego, I went on a 4-hour whale watching tour. Four hours on the boat led to 2+ weeks of feeling like I was constantly "bobbing". It was CRAZY. I found some motion sickness pills from Hylands (all natural) at my health food store that helped a little but honestly, it just took time. It was miserable. There is talk of a cruise in our future, but what you're going through is EXACTLY what makes me most fearful about it! Hope you get some relief.

  3. Sorry, no tips, it just goes away on it's own I think. :( I hope you had a good time though!

  4. First of all, how fun that you went on a cruise!! And second, I went on a cruise many years ago and had that same sensation when I got home. It took me a few days to really feel back to normal (showering was the worst for me). The only thing I can think to tell you is to lie down and relive the sensation of being on the ship! :) It'll go away.

  5. That's the worst feeling to deal with when life MUST go on. I hope you keep feeling better and better every day.