Me and my Shadow

I have this shadow.

It follows me wherever I go. Sometimes, it lags behind. It might take a few minutes to catch up to my new location.

But it always reappears.

Especially when I sit at the computer for a few minutes. Or try to cook dinner. Or take a shower.

It is my constant companion.

It isn't a perfect copy. It's about half my size and it has way more energy than me.

And it talks different. It says like things like, "Hi Mama! You taking shower, Mama? You on da compooter Mama? Wook at me, Mama! I firefighter Kieran!"

It even appears at my side in the middle of the night, with a hand on my face and a tousled head on my shoulder.

Occasionally, my shadow disappears. Sometimes it's because it's playing Legos or reading a book or building a train track.

But more likely, it's because that shadow is climbing a counter stool to get into the treats cabinet and stuff handfuls of mini peppermint marshmallows in its ample cheeks. Or maybe it can be found pouring an entire bottle of bubble bath into the tub. Or maybe it's coloring on the legs of the kitchen table or dialing the phone or digging in the house plants in search of secret treasure.

I don't like it when my shadow disappears.

I prefer to keep it close to me. That's the point of a shadow, after all. It's always there, invited or not. It's steadfast and devoted and perfectly happy just to be with you.

Funny thing about shadows: when they show up, the sun shines.

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  1. Ahhhhh, that last line gave me the chills! Kelly, you MAY just be the most optimistic person I know!!! : )

  2. What a fun post! I had to read it out loud to my family. So cute!!