Dress For The Day (Especially When It's Cold)

Two Wednesday mornings a month, I attend a moms group at my church. It's sort of a MOPS graduate course, for those of us growing out of the toddler stage and into the school-age and oh-my-word teenage years.

I love the group; I'm making the best friends there. And I secretly love that I get to wear grown-up clothes that day. Maybe it's my overly practical nature, but I can't justify a cute outfit with accessories when all I'm going to do is stay home and clean. Some days were just made for jeans and t-shirts, you know?

But not today.

Today, I wore my new favorite color combo - aquamarine and periwinkle. The shirt drapes just right and the chunky necklace and cuff are very me.

And WHOA! Today it's chilly in Minnesota. Like, I walked out my front door this morning and it was 36 degrees. (And since I was trying to take my own picture by setting my camera on a bale of straw and triggering the self-timer, I had plenty of time to feel that windchill. My apologies for the lack of focus and hideous backlighting. I was numb.)

So I threw on a coat. A green coat. COLOR EXPLOSION!

And then I made faces at myself because I wore my glasses today. (I don't need them to see, but without them, I lack depth perception. And fall is a good season to see 3D.)

And then I lost feeling in my toes. Because I was wearing wedge sandals.

And that, my friends, brings me to one of my perpetual fall conundrums. I adore sandals and flip-flops. I wear them to the bitter end of summer. And today is that bitter end.

But, maybe because I'm loathe to shed the sandals, I don't have good in-between footwear. I have cute boots for winter and several pairs of LL Bean shoes that work with sweaters and jeans. But those feel like overkill on October 10.

What shoes would you recommend with this outfit?

I'm linking up today to my friend Abby's brilliant Dress for the Day, which entails dressing for the day you want to have, not the day that wants to have you. Come play, every Wednesday!


  1. you know i love your blues together! you brighten up the chilly day!

  2. Replies
    1. But are ballet flats really any warmer than wedge sandals?

      Speak, wise one.

    2. I was going to answer the same thing, and yes, I think they're warmer, not to mention that if you were to step in a (very, very) shallow puddle, the flats might keep you drier. Or, not. :)

  3. And now I am inspired to go change my snotted on shirt before I pick up my teen from school.

  4. LOVE that coat! And yes, ballet flats - but also? It's not overkill if it's 36 degrees!

    1. I know! I KNOW! It's just that it's going to be 36 for soooo long. That's why I put it off. (I took an informal survey at my moms group today - more than half were wearing boots already. They looked adorable.)

  5. I love all the color!!! You're so festive and pretty!!!

  6. I love that color combination! You are beauteous, friend.

    I move from flip flops to flats, then flats with socks, and then onward to boots. Even when I lived in Illinois, there's no way I'd wear sandals when it's 36 degrees. I hate cold feet!

    1. Can flats even be worn with socks? This is one of my hang-ups. I feel like they are such an in-between shoes. If I'm going sock-less, I might as well be wearing sandals (I say to myself.)

  7. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture and the first line was, IT'S 36 DEGREES AND YOU'RE WEARING SANDALS?!?! LOL Then Paul Harvey made me read TRoTS.

    I'd definitely go with some flats or mules (do they call them that up there? The closed toe, open back, clunky shoe?). Or short ankle boots. Although at 36 degrees I would be in regular boots and my fur coat. Just sayin'.