A Good Day

I woke up with a groan.

"This is not going to go well," I mumbled to myself as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and shuffled Kieran out to the TV.

It was only 6:30 in the morning, and he'd already been awake half an hour. He'd been in our bed since 4:30, when he woke up talking (kiss of death, I'm telling you), which in turn, woke me up sufficiently that I couldn't fall back asleep even after he was a snoozing, cuddly body in my arms. And this was after a surprise storm woke us all earlier in the night, with its wild display of lightning and thunder.

I sighed as I turned on an episode of Bubble Guppies. Our morning was jam-packed. Connor had tennis lessons at 10:00, Teyla had gymnastics at 11:45. I needed to have my whole act together - everyone dressed, fed and packed with entertainment options - before I left the house at 9:45. And then I just knew I would struggle to keep Kieran awake through all the shuttling, making him cranky and me sweaty and everyone fairly miserable.

I sighed again. The juju, it was bad. I could sense it.

I woke up an hour later, to the familiar pad-pad-pad of Kieran's feet. "Oh HAI Mama. I snuggle you, Mama?" he said to me in his little sing-song voice, brown eyes sparkling beneath his shaggy morning hair.

He climbed up next to me. Teyla followed a few minutes later. "I'm wearing my children for a blanket!" I said with a twinkle in my scratchy morning voice. The kids giggled.

And then, the strangest thing happened: None of my bad premonitions came true.

I was able to shower, get everyone dressed and grab my coffee before running out the door to take Connor to tennis. Because a storm threatened, I stayed court side and watched the darkness glower until it angrily let loose a downpour of water. Connor ran to the minivan and together we fought the curtains of steam on my interior windows (did I mention my AC is out?) as we drove home. It wasn't exactly merry, but I could tell Connor enjoyed being my only lieutenant in the battle. It was a rare mother-and-son moment.

Because tennis was cut short, I had time to fiddle on Facebook and fix a snack for the kids before heading to gymnastics. When I went to gather everyone, I found Kieran asleep on Corey's shoulder. I tucked him into his bed, told the big kids they could stay home as long as they played nicely together ("fat chance," I thought) and left Dad alone. And then I took Teyla to gymnastics. It was just her and me, which delighted her (and me) to no end. And since I didn't need to chase Kieran the entire 45 minutes of her class, I was able to sit and watch my little four-year-old do jumping jacks and pull-ups and walk the beam with nary an interruption. 

(I swear; the little leotard and tiny stretch shorts do me in, every time.)

I got home, found the big kids happily playing Guess Who? together. (Who knew that was even possible?!?) I fixed lunch, Kieran woke from his nap after a solid two hours of sleep. All in all, NOTHING happened that I feared. The morning didn't go as planned, but it didn't crash and burn either. It was all OK, good even.

I need to remember this. Not all bad days stay that way.

(The title of this post comes courtesy one of my favorite children's books, A Good Day, about how even the worst days can turn good when you least expect it. I think I need to read it more often.)


  1. A two hour nap, in a BED ? That's the best day EVER. :) I love this... the simple realization that there are such things as GOOD surprises, if we will only get our bad attitudes out of the way.

    I'ma wear my kids as a blanket tomorrow morning, at o'dark thirty, and think of you.

  2. I love this. Very VERY good reminder. xo

  3. What a good, timely reminder, Kelly! Thank you.

    P.S. I cannot wait to hang out with your kiddos some day.

  4. Love when our expectations are shattered in the best way.

  5. I need to remind myself of this!!! Even when things go not as I'd like them to, God can surprise me with something wonderful!


  6. This is wonderful. So often the undoing is in the presumption.