So We Got Some Snow This Weekend

So we got some snow this weekend.

Twenty-one inches, to be exact.

The fifth largest snow in Minnesota history. The biggest dump since the infamous Halloween Blizzard of '91, one of the classic "where were you" events in Minnesota history.

I know some people hate snow. It's a pain to shovel and scrape. It's cold and slippery and it makes driving treacherous.

I used to share the sentiment. When I was in college, winter held as much appeal as an IRS audit. It was long, bitter and tedious.

But … I don't know. Something has changed in me as I've gotten older. Maybe it's because I lived in snow-free San Diego for eight years. Maybe my inner weather geek is taking over. Maybe I’m turning into my mom, who is more Minnesotan-at-heart than most natives.

Or maybe ... now, I have kids.

And to kids, snow is magic.

Lately, I share the sentiment.

(Extreme babywearing, no?)

All this snow: It's GORGEOUS.

Even if it makes my driveway look like this.

It's crazy. What used to be frustrating now delights me. Instead of being annoyed, I'm amazed. My most frequent phrase this past weekend: Wow. It's so beautiful.

I have a feeling, most of life is, when seen through the eyes of a child.


  1. oh, I'm so jealous! We haven't even seen rain for weeks! Enjoy the beauty! I'd love to be there sipping a nice hot cup of coffee with you in your snow-bound house. :)

  2. Oh my. I admire your attitude. Maybe I lived there I would be able to cultivate a love of snow. But living in Texas means I merely tolerate the rare dustings we get. My kids do love it, but I'm the mom who hates all the getting ready to go outside and then the cleaning up after. Call me a snow Scrooge.

  3. wowza.

    I love the photos. Extreme babywearing, indeed. Cracks me up!

  4. Love this!

    Snow IS magical to kids and we should all look through their eyes when viewing the world!

  5. We got some snow this weekend too! Only about 14 inches at my parents house on Saturday in 12 hours. It was so fun, but now it's gotten warm and everything is a super soggy mess. I hope it doesn't get much warmer or we're going to have some nasty floods. I'm hoping to get my pictures up tomorrow!

  6. Love it!! And enjoyed seeing pic of you :-) And it was 83 degrees here ...

  7. Oh wow! It is so pretty! We'd never see that out here in west Texas! I am SO jealous! And I can't believe that about the Metrodome!

  8. Yes, I think so too. And that much snow would delight me, as well. Glad you are enjoying it, o favorite weather geek of mine! :)

  9. I've been thinking of you whenever I hear the news about all the snow.

    But if this snowstorm had happened in April, I don't think you would have been nearly as excited. Just sayin'!

  10. Beautiful indeed! We got flurries this weekend! And my kids were soo excited to see the snowflakes fluttering through the air!