Mommy Split

“Yet me hep you, Mommy,” Teyla says from her perch on the step stool next to the kitchen counter.

I smile and guide her hand to the handle of the knife. My fingers closes over hers, and together, we slice through the block of cheese on the cutting board.

I’ve missed this.

Summer was exciting. We had so much fun with everyone home. I loved spending days at the pool and evenings outside. Our mornings were relaxed and filled with two or maybe even three courses of breakfast. We would spend hours at the park with friends, playing pirates and super heroes and tag.

But having my attention split four ways – it’s exhausting. I felt like I was always ALWAYS divided. I never had a quiet moment to just sit and focus on one child. I was constantly juggling. “Here, Natalie, can you take the baby? Teyla, honey, I’m opening the cheese for you. Now Connor, what were you saying?”

So here we are, one week into our new school schedule. Both Natalie (4th grade) and Connor (1st grade) are in school all day.

And I feel like my brain is piecing itself back together.

I don’t have to multitask anymore. (Not much anyway. Two kids is a breeze compared to four.) I can focus. I can finish a conversation.

More importantly, I can listen. I can watch. I can adore.

And I have more patience and more energy for Connor and Natalie when they get home from school, since I spent the morning and early afternoon paying attention to the littles.

I’m sad summer is over. But fall feels good.


  1. I totally get that. I craved routine this summer. Routine I knew would only come with the fall. Although I have to be much more deliberate with the time I have with my girls since I am back to work now, the routine a familiarity of fall is a good thing for us all.

  2. I love routines. I love the time I have in the morning to plan my day, to get things done before I have to get kids out of bed. I love the time at night when Boo tells me every detail of her day, when she reads and does her homework while Hubby and I start dinner.

    Summer is great.

    But Fall is even better.

  3. I'm right there with you. When summer came the feeling of glee that schedules where starting again was so huge! The time I get to spend with my youngest while the others are in school is so precious. Fall is looking real good to us too!