Right about now, I feel like I could use a good, calming activity.

Life is hectic and a little scattered, and we just returned from a really fun but really busy three-day weekend Up North. (Pictures coming soon, for those of you needing a fall color fix.)

So while life is good, it's also running on a higher gear than I would like at the moment. Which is why I smiled when I saw these pictures.

I took them earlier this year (thank you self-timer), for no other reason than to remind myself that there was a day that I did something quiet that I enjoyed.

I love to paint. And I don't mean artwork. I wish I had the skill set for that sort of thing. I just love to paint my home. I love to paint the walls and to paint the furniture. I even love to touch up the areas that need touching up, simply because it gives me the excuse to get out my paintbrush and make something that was dingy look new again.

(Awesome Martha tip: Make touch-ups easy by filling empty and clean baby food jars with leftover paint from your home. Just shake the jar, stir it with a bamboo skewer and use a small art brush to cover up the dings and dents of life.)

Something about the smell of paint, the swish of the brush, the freshened surface after I'm done -- it's all very calming and satisfying to me.

What about you? Where do you do when you need to chill out for a bit?


  1. Seriously, between you baking skills and your loving to paint and organize, I could offer you plenty of "chill" time. :-)
    Oddly enough, I decompress and chill by going for a walk in the woods or a really long run. I personally like it when the painting and touch ups are freshly done, but I'm not all about the doing.
    Oh, and I'd love to paint art too. It seems so relaxing and dreamy. But I don't even have the courage to pick up the art supplies let alone brush out some strokes on canvas.

  2. Read a book.

    That's such a pretty shade of blue. And I kept staring at the fact that you had nothing on that light carpet while you were painting.

  3. I love to paint, too. Furniture is frequently my target, but making it a reality doesn't always happen.

    While I love to paint, I don't like the prep work involved!

  4. Can you come right over? My entire house needs panting.

    I read to chill, or write. I really wish I did something that put me in a free-of-thinking zone though, like knitting.

    Don't know how.

    The End.

    I know this has been really interesting, but I have to go now :)

  5. Wish I'd known this a month ago when we ended up having to paint our hallway! Neither of us are big fans of painting walls, but I do enjoy painting furniture and canvases.

    To relax? Some chai and a good book, and if I have the luxury of getting away, I have those things at a cozy coffee shop. I also enjoy crocheting, primarily in the fall and winter. Something about the rhythm of it is so soothing. I used to have a monthly "Project Night" where some girls would come and bring whatever project they were working on to hang out. We spent most of it gabbing instead of working. :)

  6. I'm so excited about that tip! Who wants to get out the big gallon of paint from the basement? This makes it more likely that I might actually do it! :-)

  7. I simply love the fact that you took these pictures... a marker, a relic, from a moment of peace. I think I need to do this more often...

  8. Great baby jar tip! I'd like to know how you were doing that without six little hands wanting to help. Anytime I get out something potentially messy, it's like moths to a flame. Instant unwanted help.

    If I can do anything creative (painting - but artsy painting, writing, or just sitting in my craft room...) I'm happy and can feel rejuvenated. You know, until those 6 hands start helping.