News Flash: Pregnant Women May Be More Sensitive To Caffeine

So today, when I finally managed to drag myself into the shower around 12:30 PM and then needed to take a nap from the gargantuan effort of all that sudsing and repeating, I decided some coffee might be in order.

I normally [heart] coffee. It's my friend. I drink some every morning with a splash of flavored cream and thoroughly enjoy the smell, taste and energy it brings.

Until I'm pregnant. Then the aroma of freshly brewed java becomes anathema to me. It's like the smell of fresh vomit. Utterly repulsive.

Given that, I haven't been drinking much coffee for the last few months. My poor husband keeps trying, especially on the weekends when we would normally split a pot of French press. "Are you sure you don't want any coffee?!?"

Ummm. Yes.

Until today. When I woke up at 1:45 PM and remembered that:
a. I needed to clean my house ASAP so it would be ready for a potential showing this week.
b. I have two children...
c. ...who hadn't eaten anything all day besides a bowl of cereal and...
d. ...the three-year-old might have had an accident while I was sleeping, due to the appearance of a large wet spot on his shorts, which were now firmly deposited on my computer chair.

Energy needed. Immediately. Form of -- coffee. Wonder Twin powers, activate.

I found some day-old Starbucks Sumatra in the thermal coffee pot. I poured it into a glass, threw in some ice and turned to my fridge to find some cream.

And that's when I saw it -- the gift from God. A brand new container of Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha cream. As you might guess, it's a "seasonal" variety of flavored creamer. (Want to take a guess at which season?) It was a tad past its sell by date, but seeing as most Coffee-Mate creamers have nothing natural in them, I wasn't worried. No dairy, no spoilage.

I splashed some in and brought it to my lips.

Mmmmm. It was good.

So I drank the whole glass. And then had another for good measure.

Thus, I am writing an entry on my blog at 12:41 AM. When I should be sleeping.

It's just so hard to be still under the covers when my legs won't stop twitching.


  1. lol! Hope you finally got some rest girl!

  2. Oh, that sounds like something *I* would do! When it smells and tastes so good, how do you stop with just one cup?! Hope it helped you get your house clean though.

    Love your new profile photo! It screams "Minnesota"! Love it! =)

  3. Now see, at least you have a pregnancy to blame for posting after midnight and not feeding your children...

    that just sounds like a typical day for me..:)


  4. My Wife is a huge fan of that peppermint coffeemate. I bought three of the big bottles last year when the "season" was over so that she could have her peppermint coffee well into the February, March...who knows how long.

  5. Loved the peppermint mocha coffeemate! To die for!

    You know, when I was pregnant, each time, I couldn't drink coffee either! And I am a HUGE coffee drinker! My last son was a gift, if you know what I mean, and one way I suspected I might have been pregnant was my sudden distaste for my coffee. But every time, first thing the morning after I delivered, I was ready for my coffee...Weird, isn't it?

  6. Oh my goodness! When I read you post I had to chuckle. The same thing was true for me (not able to drink, smell, etc. coffee) during all three of my pregnanies. The good thing, though is that coffee love comes right back after delivery!! Is God good or what?

    P.S. Gotta try that peppermint coffeemate (when it's in season next time). Sounds delightful.

    St. Louis